Best OTC Diet Pills That Work For Women and Men in 2020
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BusinessWeek magazine has recently cited that Americans spend 40 billion dollars every year trying to shed those extra pounds.

That is a hefty price to pay, and much of it is likely due to ineffective weight loss products. Many weight loss pills contain ineffective ingredients.

In fact, many of these ingredients are not only ineffective, but they have also been found to come with multiple side effects.

No one wants to waste their money on a product that doesn’t work, and could potentially harm them, but where can you find the best new weight loss pills on the market that actually work?

At, we have identified and analyzed the top new weight loss pills available.

After much research and analysis, the good news is that you don’t have to settle for old useless formulas any longer.


1. The Best Diet Pills: PhenQ

diet pills that workPhenQ features the most advanced formula that you have ever seen.

In fact, their 3 clinically proven weight loss compounds have been supported by the most recent double-blind human trials to support its claim of helping users lose a combined 30 pounds.

With such scientific support PhenQ guarantees results with a 100% Money Back Guarantee to break through the hype of the weight loss supplement industry.

PhenQ benefits:

  • It helps in increasing metabolism
  • It controls your appetite effectively
  • It contains quality ingredients
  • It also helps in boosting energy levels

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2. Phen24

best diet pills on the marketOne of the best ways to ensure that you can keep on losing weight is to have a healthy metabolism, and Phen24 claims to give you the ultimate metabolism boosting experience.

This weight loss formula claims to intensify workouts and offers to boosts metabolism.

With no-risk 60 day money back guarantee, Phen24 will supposedly help you reach your weight loss goals safely and effectively.

Specifically designed for “individuals trying to amplify their workouts, burn more calories, and increase their energy,” Phen24 appears to be a quality for its retail price of $79.99.

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3. Capsiplex

fast over the counter diet pillsCapsiplex is the first diet pill to actually manipulate the relationship between CART and NPY by essentially increasing metabolism, decreasing appetite, and increasing energy for real results.

This controversial science is now being researched and tested in Universities all around the world, but Capsiplex has harnessed its power within this advanced formula.

Users just love the fact that Capsiplex works almost instantaneously to help you look better, feel better and reach your weight loss goals. Capsiplex is also 100% safe.

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4. Proactol XS

top weight loss pills in 2020First of all, the good thing about using Proactol XS as your chosen weight management companion is that it helps you do so by also altering your eating habits so that you can get used to a new routine that does not encourage you to put on weight.

By helping you eat less and not feel an urge to binge on your favorite guilty pleasures, Proactol XS diet pills help you get a better grip on your eating lifestyle, enforcing more discipline and resistance to it and helping you overcome your once-insatiable need for eating.
Also, Proactol XS is medically approved by doctors and fitness experts, which helps it stand out amongst a throng of weight loss supplements that seem to just have popped out of nowhere without medical backing.

So many weight loss pills promise so much and deliver nothing, which leads the market to believe that only a handful of these products actually work and that they will have to scour the options to find them.

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5. Forskolin 250

weight loss supplementIf you haven’t tried Forskolin 250 yet and have been long searching for best weight loss pills that will help you achieve your desired results in a reasonable amount of time, then this would be a good time to try it.

You deserve to feel confident about yourself and have all the reason to flaunt your physique, so you can count on Forskolin 250 to initiate the healthy and permanent weight loss that you have always wanted to experience.

As always, it is important to see or consult your doctor first before taking a weight loss supplement. While Forskolin 250 is 100% all natural and 100% all organic, your doctor can best assess your health status to check if you are physically ready to take the medication.

If you are interested in taking weight loss pills, make the next available scheduled appointment with your doctor and talk it over with him or her in light of your medical history and your specific weight loss needs, so you can both determine how effective this treatment may be for your body.

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What Are Diet Pills?

Diet pills are the pills invented and produced for people with excessive weight who want to regain their slender body.

The problem of overweight and obesity is extremely challenging for the modern people. Each person faces it sooner or later to a greater or lesser extent. Overweight sufferers may undertake attempts to lose weight by trying a multitude of different methods and techniques. But unfortunately not everyone can easily succeed in the body weight reduction process. And this is where the weight loss pills may assist in the achievement of body weight normalization goals.

There are different types of dietary remedies which can be both prescription and non-prescription ones. Correspondingly, there ingredient contents of such remedies can be either artificial and non-artificial. The choice of best diet pills may depend on many factors like overweight degree, medical history, own preferences, and even somehow gender.

Who Can Take Weight Loss Pills?

When it comes to the intake of the natural weight loss pills which contain no artificial components, then virtually each adult can use them to overcome the overweight issue. Such supplements of natural origin are an excellent choice for people with mild to moderate overweight who need to get rid of a small amount of extra pounds.

As for the prescription diet pills, only the healthcare provider can decide that a particular patient really has to undergo the pharmaceutical therapy with such medications. The doctor may deem the intake of drugs appropriate only in case of diagnosed obesity in a patient. Thus, you can be prescribed to take the prescription weight loss pills in case of having:

  • Body mass index that exceeds 30
  • Body mass index that exceeds 27 provided that at the same time you suffer from unsafe comorbidities like hypertension or diabetes

Prior to the prescription of any strong diet pills, the healthcare provider will estimate the probability of dangerous adverse reactions and interactions with the drugs you use to treat the other diseases.

The prescription anti-obesity medications don’t suit everyone. Thus, they have to be never taken by pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and women who are trying to become mothers. In this case, the doctor may recommend some best over the counter diet pills with clinically confirmed safety and efficacy. In particular, such women should take only the medically proven weight loss supplements.

Are Natural Weight Loss Pills Effective?

People who are going to use any dietary remedies of course aske themselves a question of do diet pills work in reality. The prescription medications aimed at fighting obesity demonstrate a high efficacy in comparison to the intake of placebo. According to the studies, the obesity treatment with the prescription anti-obesity medications can result in the body weight decrease ranging from 3% to 10% of total body weight within the 12-month time frame.

Though these results seem to be very encouraging, any patient can’t take the prescription weight loss pills non-stop for a year. The breaks between the treatment courses are obligatory because of a very high risk of dangerous complications and severe side effects. Abuse is also what may prescription dietary drugs’ users have to deal with. Such risks may completely downplay the positive effects of such medications.

But the top-notch natural supplements from the well-reputed manufacturers are considered be much more safe diet pills comparing to the prescription drugs. The matter is that such supplements contain only the all-natural active substances of superior quality.

These substances are thoroughly researched to make sure that they are really effective and harmless. Such best weight loss pills of natural origin feature quite high efficacy, helping the overweight people lose several pounds for 2-3 month of supplementation. Though the natural over-the-counter remedies can’t be as effective as the powerful prescription medications, the first ones can save your overall health.

Prescription Diet Medications vs Natural Diet Supplements

All the weight loss pills that work for sure now sold on the market belong to the appetite suppressants to a particular extent. Such pills enable overweight and obese people to regulate the feeling of hunger and cease to eager food constantly.

The other popular category of diet pills that work are the fat burners which assist people to get rid of the hateful fat deposits in the different parts of the body.
The single non-prescription medicine for tackling the problem of excessive weight that got the approval from the FDA is Alli, also known as Orlistat.

It works by preventing the absorption of fats in the human body. The rest of appetite-decreasing and fat-melting supplements are beyond the regulation of the FDA.

The most frequently prescribed weight loss medications include Qsymia, Belviq, Contrave, and Saxendra. The patients with obesity can purchase these medications only when they obtain a prescription from their healthcare practitioner.

While the OTC dietary supplements are greatly suitable mainly for the slightly overweight people, the prescription diet medications are the treatment option for the really obese people since obesity is a serious chronic medical condition. There are also the natural best weight loss pills for women mostly targeted on the peculiarities of metabolism in the woman’s body.

FDA Approved Weight Loss Pills – Are They Safe?

It is true that when weight loss pills are FDA approved, they have passed through a higher level of scrutiny. FDA approved weight loss medications usually need to demonstrate a scientifically proven level of efficacy is hastening weight loss. They also need to demonstrate that they are safe for patient consumption. FDA approved weight loss pills are mostly available as prescription medications, with Alli being the only FDA approved over the counter weight loss pill.

Most weight loss supplements are considered dietary supplements by FDA rules, and therefore do not need to be approved prior to be being sold. As long as they are sold with full FDA required information disclosure, they are considered legal. Only after they are made available will FDA monitor their effectiveness. Some manufacturers claim that their pills are “FDA approved,” when what they really mean is that their weight loss pills have not been disapproved or banned by the FDA. This is something to be careful with when reading through websites to choose a good weight loss supplement. When in doubt, you can always refer to the FDA website.

Some of the top FDA approved weight loss pills include Alli, Xenical, Meridia, and Phentermine. They are discussed further in the FDA approved prescription weight loss pills article. Weight loss pills like Acai Berry, Green tea extracts, Lipovox and Hoodia are considered dietary supplements and as explained earlier, sold over the counter without the need for FDA approval.

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Advantages of Natural Diet Pills

Many people want to use the natural appetite suppressants for the weight decrease because these diet pills offer many valuable advantages. They are as follows:

  • Possibility to feel full for a long time
  • No annoying hunger pangs
  • Prevention of emotional eating
  • No overeating
  • Natural regulation of hunger hormones
  • Opportunity to reduce the number of consumed calories
  • Strong calorie-burning effect

So, with the help of advanced non-artificial weight loss pills and appetite suppressants, you can naturally throw off shackles of endlessly irrepressible appetite.

When your appetite decreases, you will be able to also decrease the amount of food you consume and at the same time effectively burn the calories your body gets.

Due to this, the energy expenditure increases, while the daily calorie intake drops. As a result, you will have a great opportunity to lose unwanted pounds and prevent further weight gain.

Also, the natural diet pills are the well-working health savers for people who don’t wish to sacrifice own health by taking too aggressive synthetic appetite suppressants.

Safety of Natural Diet Pills

People who still can’t decide whether it’s better to choose the all-natural diet pills which control appetite can throw the doubts away.

Thus, as opposed to the natural remedies, the prescription-only appetite suppressants of artificial origin will not suit everyone. There are many contraindications to the use of such medications. In particular, people with a range of medical conditions such as glaucoma, kidney disease, heart disease, hypertension, epilepsy, and diabetes can’t take the prescription appetite-restricting drugs. Also, the intake of these drugs is fraught with a high risk of side effects. These side effects vary from simply unpleasant to frankly unsafe ones.

But the natural diet pills which fight constant hunger feeling will free you of all the problems associated with the use of the prescription medications for appetite suppression. These pills contain exclusive 100% natural active substances. According to the studies, these ingredients feature a high safety level. There is no unimpeachable evidence about the ability of such supplements to cause adverse reactions or harm the human health in any other way.

Also, the top-notch diet pills of natural origin are non-addictive. It means you can take them for a long time, even for several months without a risk of addiction development. It’s a great advantage over the prescription medications for appetite regulation since you can use these medications for a short period of time only. Otherwise, there will be a high probability of addiction.

Moreover, the prolonged intake of the prescription appetite suppressants makes them useless, while the long duration of the supplementation with the natural diet pills doesn’t decrease their efficacy. To the contrary, the long use of the natural hunger-curbing supplements ensures a stable therapeutic effect and healthy body weight reduction in a safe way.

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FDA Approved Prescription Weight Loss Pills

FDA approved prescription weight loss pills and medications offer users a safe and reliable path to losing weight. Be sure to check with your doctor on the best approaches to using these weight loss pills for fast effective shedding of pounds.


Xenical is the prescription version of Alli. It is an FDA approved weight loss medication that contains twice the amount of the main active ingredient Orlistat (120 mg) as Alli, the OTC weight loss pill. Xenical works as a fat blocker, preventing fat consumed from being absorbed into the body of the user. A person taking Xenical is advised to limit the amount of fat included with each meal.

Side effects like gas with oily discharges, frequent bowel movements and nausea may be present. Users are advised to seek the advice of their doctors and discuss symptoms they are experiencing. Xenical was first approved in 2007, and went under further investigation by the FDA in 2010.

In May 2010, the FDA issued a warning regarding Xenical and it’s link to severe liver injury in isolated cases.


Among FDA approved weight loss drugs, Phentermine (Adipex-p) is one of the oldest. This diet pill works by way of suppressing a person’s appetite. The drug “fools” a user into thinking that he or she is already fulll to minimize calorie consumption. Phentermine became an FDA approved prescription obesity pill back in 1959, for use as a short term weight loss aid. The effects of Phentermine are expected to be short term and will not last once a person gets off the drug. It is recommended for use as part of an overall weight management program that includes exercise and dieting as well. That way, patients who develop and maintain new health and exercise habits have a higher chance of maintaining their weight even after they are no longer taking the weight loss pill.

Safety Aspect of Taking Natural Diet Pills

most effective diet supplementsAccording to the manufacturers’ claims and advertisements, the non-synthetic diet pills feature an exclusive safety level. However, it unfortunately doesn’t mean that all advertising statements are copper-bottomed.

The most burning problem related to the turnover of the non-synthetic diet pills is the lack of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation. According to the Dietary Supplement and Health Education Act (DSHEA), the FDA takes part in the things which regard the use of the natural supplements only in case a particular supplement contains a totally unknown before active substance. The DSHEA also emphasizes that the supplement safety is a matter of exceptionally manufacturer’s personal responsibility, honesty, and commitment to the customers’ safety. However, only the most reliable manufacturers with the worldwide reputation comply with these criteria.

The rest of manufacturers tend to sacrifice the product safety in order to earn here and now as much money as possible. These manufacturers offer incomprehensive and misleading information about the safety and properties of their anti-overweight products. Among the other improprieties, such manufacturers may add pharmaceutical ingredients instead of absolutely natural ones to their diet pills. Moreover, it’s not uncommon that the use of these ingredients is under the prohibition. Also, many manufacturers don’t take care of the FDA-approved manufacturing facilities.

How to Protect Yourself When Choosing Diet Pills

Though the number of dishonest manufacturers is only growing, you can still avoid the traps set by the swindlers who sell counterfeit diet pills. Fortunately, there are enough manufacturers for whom safety and health of the customers is above anything else. Such manufacturers produce their anti-overweight remedies based on the international standards which guard the quality and safety of the supplementation products. That’s why the weight-loss supplements from the most trustworthy manufacturers can’t harm your health and cause adverse reactions.
So, if you don’t want to make a mistake when selecting the dietary supplements, you should carefully collect and analyze the information about a particular manufacturer of the diet pills. For this purpose, it’s recommended to visit the manufacturer’s official website. You will find there the fullest data about the pill you choose. Thus, you will get to know the ingredient content, mechanism of action, and availability of any clinical trials which support the product formula. You should always keep eyes open in order to protect yourself against low-quality anti-overweight supplements and save your health.

Prescription Diet Pills

prescription diet pillsThere is commonplace truth in a sphere of weight loss. It tells that any weight reduction process has to be based on the decreased food consumption and the increased physical activity. But still the majority of overweight and obese people want to rely on the prescription diet pills.
Even if you aspire to use the prescription medication for the weight loss, you should realize that the nutrition and workouts are the foundation for the slimming process. And you should also understand that the prescription drugs are the choice which doesn’t suit everybody.

The most widespread from the currently known diet pills include Phentermine, Contrave, Orlistat, Qsymia, Saxenda, and Belviq. But before the healthcare provider prescribes any of existing prescription-only anti-obesity medications, he or she carefully investigates the medical history of the patient. Thus, the medical expert first of all checks whether you have ever experienced any allergic reactions, which medical conditions you had or have, which medications you used or use for curing available diseases.

And of course, the doctor has to find out in women whether they want to get pregnant in the nearest future, are pregnant now or are nursing now before prescribing any diet pills. The prescription medications for the body weight reduction have many contraindications and side effects.

It’s obvious that it’s necessary to meet many conditions in order to safely use the prescription weight loss drugs. That’s why more and more overweight and obese patients are searching for the natural dietary remedies.

Can The Best Over The Counter Diet Pills Be a Single Anti-Overweight Method?

The popularity of the top-notch diet pills of natural origin is difficult to overestimate at the present moment. And the manufacturers of such pills do everything possible to only heighten the customers’ interest to these remedies. However, it doesn’t mean that overweight people should open their mouth too wide when starting the natural diet supplementation.

You should always remember that the natural dietary products are not the drugs. And these weight-loss supplements are of course not a fairy wand able to immediately remove all your extra pounds and replace them with a well-toned slender body.

The non-artificial otc diet pills represent the best technologies in the dietary supplementation realm. The manufacturers of such products implemented the best-working ideas and standards for creating really effective supplements. Also, according to the findings of many studies, safety of these weight-loss supplements is also high. The researchers proved that the ingredients found in the natural remedies for weight reduction really assist people in shaking off the unwanted pounds.

But still, these remedies only give your body a natural incentive to start own war against overweight. They don’t do everything instead of you.

If you truly want to succeed in the weight loss battle, you have to revise your lifestyle. It means that you should forget about the bad habits and instead of them develop healthy ones. Thus, you have to limit alcohol consumption if you drink it and refuse from smoking.

Also, you have to take care of the healthy nutrition pattern which may include all macronutrients, micronutrients, minerals, vitamins, etc. to meet the needs of your vital body functions. In addition, adequate physical activity is very important during the weight loss process as well.

So, the non-synthetic weight loss pills can’t solve the overweight problem as a single weapon. But they can effectively complement your well-thought-out weight loss approach.

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Why to Choose Synthetic Diet Pills

Nowadays, both pharmaceutical industry and supplementation industry offer multiple choices for people who don’t wish to resign themselves to overweight and obesity. And many people give preference to synthetic diet pills. This happens for a number of reasons:

  • Availability of strong synthetic ingredients
  • Powerfulness of prescription weight-loss medications’ formulas
  • Extremely high level of efficacy
  • Very prompt effects
  • Possibility of effective use in case of obesity

In fact, the prescription-only diet pills enjoy great popularity among obese people. The matter is that moderate and especially severe obesity doesn’t respond to the treatment with the natural remedies.

But the prescription weight loss pills quickly and successfully help obese people combat this medical condition and hence lose many annoying pounds. However, it’s also necessary to remember that the synthetic anti-obesity medications have many downsides which stop many people from using them.

Why to Choose Natural Diet Pills

keto slimming pillsSince the army of opponents to the synthetic pharmaceutical treatment of obesity and overweight is only growing, the challenge of finding the alternatives emerges. And now overweight people have the opportunity to refuse from taking often unsafe artificial medications. That’s because the natural diet pills are now at disposal of everyone who wants to use them.

The natural remedies which fight overweight are becoming more and more widespread because they:

  • Have completely natural origin
  • Contain natural ingredients with clinically backed efficacy
  • Absence of side effects
  • Opportunity of purchasing without a prescription
  • Absolutely safe gradual weight loss
  • Natural optimization of all bodily functions and systems responsible for health and slenderness

These reasons make the increasing number of people choose the natural products which help normalize the body weight.

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Is It Necessary to Consult a Doctor?

The answer to the question about the need for the healthcare provider’s consultation first of all depends on the origin of the chosen weight loss pills.

If you are going to use artificial prescription-only medications in order to reduce the body weight, the visit to a doctor is a must. That’s because you have to primarily obtain a prescription if you want to by synthetic diet pills. Also, only doctor has necessary qualification in order to determine whether your body weight problem requires the solution in form of the prescription anti-obesity drugs.

And if the medical expert decides that such drugs are the only way out in your situation, you can use them.

There are too many precautions with the intake of the prescription dietary medications because they can be contraindicative to your for many reasons. Also, they are frequently accompanied with numerous adverse reactions which may even pose a threat to your life.

As for the natural diet pills, they are safe. Since they contain just natural components, there is no strict requirement to go to the doctor before the start of supplementation.

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