Best HGH Supplements in 2020

Selecting the Best HGH Supplements

Despite the documented success of HGH pills, it is not difficult for people to get lost in the crowd of several me-too products that claim to be the real thing.

Selecting the right brand is crucial for your efforts to regain the power, energy and physique of your youth. Here are the best products that have passed the test of experts, doctors as well as users.

1. HGH-X2 – Best Natural Alternative to Somatropin

best hgh boosting supplementsHGH-X2 is an all-natural HGH booster with a legit status. It is designed to make the pituitary gland work better by producing human growth hormone. The major intention of HGH-X2 developers is to take advantage of natural human growth hormone. It means that this remedy replaces real steroids and helps the body secret own HGH naturally.

The sportsmen often take anabolic steroids to boost muscle enlargement. However, steroids cause many adverse reactions. HGH-X2 is a legal steroid that works naturally. There is no need for a prescription.

HGH-X2 is the cutting product from CrazyBulk company. This company won fame and built trust among the bodybuilders and athletes. The sportsmen highly appreciate the natural legal steroids and other supplements from this manufacturer. The users like high quality, safety, and efficacy of this company’s sports products.

One bottle of supplement contains 60 capsules enough for a one-month intake. The pill is suitable for lean muscle growth, fat destruction, and recovery time decrease.

2. Genf20 Plus

best hgh releasers on the marketGenF20 Plus is ranked second among the most advanced HGH pills. The users have two product options, which are the coated tablets and oral spray, at their disposal.

This natural HGH enhancer ensures a multitude of advantages. They include reduction of age spots on skin, enhancement of nail health, deceleration of wrinkle development, and physical performance improvement.

The supplement is also helpful for elimination of fat deposits, enlargement of lean body mass, and body weight cut.

The manufacturer investigated the GenF20 Plus formula as a whole during several clinical trial. It was clinically confirmed that the supplement really considerably elevates HGH levels. This product offers numerous benefits related to high HGH concentration in the body.

The supplement doesn’t lead to the occurrence of any serious adverse reactions able to discourage the users from the purchase. But minor adverse reactions may refer to impairment of lipolysis regulation and high fatty acids.

3. Provacyl

Provacyl s the top-notch HGH supplement of natural origin. It is created to relieve the manifestations of andropause in men. Andropause mimics female menopause. Male andropause is accompanied with the inevitable decrease in HGH and testosterone levels.

Provacyl is a worthy natural supplement for the men who have already started suffering from andropause.

This remedy eases the aging symptoms in men. The natural pill is packed with nutrients, amino acids, and botanicals.

The men who are already experiencing some age-induced negative changes in their energy levels, appearance, body composition, and physical fitness take the greatest advantage of pill intake.

The use of Provacyl doesn’t lead to any sided effects. This is what distinguishes this product from the prescription medications. This natural product should complement the well-balanced nutrition plan and adequate training program.


4. GenFX

GenFX is the innovative over-the-counter HGH booster. It is filled with amino acids able to restore the overall health and wellness. This product is targeted at the synthesis of human growth hormone. This hormone is crucial for the emergence of new and healthy cells. Since the supplement contains the well-measured dosages of natural ingredients, it ensures favorable long-term effects.

The body uses the amino acids available in the supplement for protein synthesis. Then this protein serves as the structural material for the muscle building process. These amino acids also help the body get rid of unwanted fat.

One bottle of GenFX which lasts for a month costs $49.95. If you opt for the multi-purchase deals, you will spend less money.

This non-synthetic HGH supplement is most effective in the combination with consistent exercising and proper nutrition.

5. HyperGH 14x

HyperGH 14x belongs to the high-quality natural HGH pills with prominent anabolic properties. This remedy is available in both oral pill and topical spray form.

It helps the users build lean muscle mass and sculpt a desirable body shape. The product intensifies calcium retention and hence makes bones better mineralized. The supplement promotes the muscle growth due to the enhancement of protein production. Muscle strength also substantially increases.

The HGH booster resets the immune system functioning. This enables the muscles recover quicker after exercising bouts and work out longer.

The highly competent sports experts advise the bodybuilders and athletes to utilize HyperGH 14x in its both forms. To make this product work harmlessly and effectively, you should never misuse it or exceed the recommended dosage.

What Is HGH Supplement?

HGH supplements are the products of supplementation industry aimed at the improvement of human growth hormone synthesis in the human body. These supplements are the natural non-prescription remedies that contain just sophisticated non-artificial components able to urge the body produce own HGH in a harmless way.

Human growth hormone is actually a very crucial hormone which emerges in the pituitary gland. This mainly happens when the person is in puberty period. This hormone is what determines the youth and all its attributes. In particular, when the body flawlessly produces HGH, you can enjoy great vitality, energy burst, sexual interest, sexual attractiveness, enthusiasm, motivation, and excellent physical performance. The brain power also gives a good account of itself.

But when people are in their 30s, the prospects are no longer so glowing. The matter is that the production of HGH in the body dramatically slows down. HGH levels naturally become too low to maintain your body functioning at its maximum possible natural level.
And this is when the aging process starts gaining its pace and when different body systems start suffering from the lack of human growth hormone. When this happens, the natural HGH supplements lend the helping hand.

Disadvantages of HGH Supplements

The all-natural HGH supplements are free of the perils typical to the artificial human growth hormone because these supplements are absolutely natural. But still there are some peculiarities of such natural remedies which can be considered the downsides by certain users.
Thus, since there is no synthetic hormone in the OTC HGH supplements, immediacy is not the schtick of the natural supplementation. It means that the users of such supplements shouldn’t expect quick gains driven by the intake of natural products only. The instant results can be seen only in case of dealing with steroids or artificial HGH. But these quick results are also accompanied with many problems which refer to both health and legit status. As for HGH supplements, the lack of immediate results is fully compensated with the mild but steady positive impact on the user’s physical and even mental performance.

The other drawback of the non-prescription HGH booster supplements is related to the absence of instant supplementation results. Since the natural components available in these products can’t work fast and should accumulate enough in the body to start fully revealing their potential, the supplementation should last for a few months. Many users of the natural HGH supplements don’t have enough patience or simply have little time for getting prepared for the sports contest to continue the intake of natural remedies for such a long time.

So, many customers either give up the thing or even don’t start the supplementation at all.
Also, everyone who wants to try the non-synthetic HGH pills, puts own safety in jeopardy when making the purchase from the unproven, bed-reputed manufacturer. It’s also very risky to chase for the cheap deals from the companies you don’t know even if their offerings sound too appealing. And this is one more disadvantage of HGH remedies with natural ingredient content. If you don’t want to fall between two stools, you should entrust your health to the trustworthy manufacturers who have a spotless reputation only.

Do HGH Supplements Have an Impact on Semen Volume?

The top-notch HGH supplements imbued with the natural components suit the users who need to tackle the issue of aging manifestations, harmlessly elevate the energy levels, and give a boost to physical performance. All these effects are completely natural. However, there are the users who also expect that these natural HGH supplements will have an influence on the semen volume.

HGH takes part in the secretion of sperm by the body by means of hepatic IGF-1 in the testicles. There is also scientific evidence that the raise of human growth hormone is linked to the treatment of normogonadotropic idiopathic oligoasthenospermia and primary infertility in men. This hormone promotes the increase in sperm count and stimulates sperm motility. It also has a slight positive impact on the amount of semen which the man’s body produces. There was even a study investigating how HGH can combat the problem of infertility in men. And according to the results of this study, some of these men were really able to become fathers within 12 months after the completion of research.

This suggests that HGH booster supplements can mildly improve the male fertility, while it’s difficult to confirm that these products can boost the growth of semen volume. But it’s not a great idea to take the non-prescription HGH supplements in order to increase the amount of volume. These natural remedies don’t actually work as the semen volumizers and will not implement this task if you set it.

Is It Really Effective to Take HGH Supplements?

Everyone of course aspires to get the HGH pills that work. But can these pills in fact be effective? Well, such supplements ensure quite promising results when it comes to the normalization of human growth hormone levels in the natural way. However, you shouldn’t expect that these natural pills can be a single method to address your hormonal troubles, fight poor athletic performance, and eliminate all aging manifestations.

What do the HGH releasers of non-artificial origin actually do?

What you really can count on when taking these natural remedies is the support of your athletic and bodybuilding efforts targeted at the reduction of fat deposits and the development of larger muscles. These supplements also cut time the muscles require to recover after strenuous workouts as well as give a natural boost to brain abilities. In addition, these natural pills are effective for decelerating the aging process. But of course, the all-natural supplements are unable to stop the aging.

HGH boosters increase growth hormone levels without any drastic spikes. In such a way, you will be able to avoid the health problems which always accompany the increase in HGH levels under the influence of injections of this hormone.

HGH Supplement Benefits

The HGH supplements and testosterone boosters are appealing for many people who aspire to avoid the administration of unsafe injectable HGH and at the same time meet many personal objectives. These supplements bring multiple benefits highly appreciated by both athletes and ordinary people who want to have a great body shape and enhance the brain function. The rundown of upsides which the best HGH boosters provide is as follows:

Quick Body Fat Cut

HGH supplements work as diet pills accelerating the calorie-melting process and turning the fat storages available in the body into energy. Due to this, you will have more energy to work out effectively and hence burn even more unnecessary fat.

Muscle Mass Growth

The normalization of HGH contributes to the development of big and strong muscles. And the time needed for this decreases substantially. So, due to the use the supplements which boost HGH production you will become an owner of the truly ripped muscles.

Muscle Strength Enhancement

When the levels of HGH grow, your muscle strength is going to increase as well. If your muscles become stronger, you will be able to exercise harder and finally get more noticeable results in terms of muscle mass size and overall athletic performance.

Fast Muscle Recovery

The higher HGH concentration in the body, the shorter time the muscles need for their full recovery after the highly intense workouts. Due to this, the muscle tissue restores in a prompt manner.

Strengthened Bones

The increased bone strength is what you also get when taking the all-natural HGH releasers. Strong bones will help your body withstand the physical load during the exhausting exercises.

Sleep Normalization

HGH supplements have a positive impact on sleep quality. In its turn, good sleep is a pledge for the trouble-free synthesis of human growth hormone and other crucial hormones since this synthesis mainly carries on during the sleep time.

Brain Function Improvement

The use of HGH pills is highly beneficial for the brain health. The high and stable levels of this hormone supercharge the mental abilities. They give a boost to memory, focus, concentration, and all cognitive functions.

Legal Status of HGH Booster Pills

HGH is a very strong hormone that falls within the range of controlled substances. And it is strictly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. It means that the administration of HGH is illegal if this hormone is not prescribed by the doctor for the treatment of some serious medical conditions. So, if you take this hormone to promote the muscle mass growth or to undergo the anti-aging therapy, you will be beyond the law and can be legally punished.

But this doesn’t refer to the natural HGH releasers. These supplements are absolutely legal. They don’t contain artificial HGH forbidden by the law for non-medical application. Instead, the best HGH supplements are imbued with the natural components such as different botanicals, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. These natural ingredients are reasonably combined in a way that urges the body synthesize own human growth hormone. And there is no intervention into the bodily functions in general and the endocrine system in particular.

So, you shouldn’t be afraid to use the HGH boosters since they are legit and also don’t require any prescription.

How Does HGH Work

Tip #1: Learn How It Works at Various Stages of Life

When you are middle aged, the HGH development decreases considerably to an average of 14% every 10 years. The decreasing of HGH levels is frequently connected to the process of aging. When the quantity of HGH starts to decline, the aging process also worsens. Studies showed that intensifying the natural levels of the growth hormone in your body might help turn around the indications of aging like weight loss, muscle atrophy, lines and creases, bone density, reduced sexual vitality and a lot more. In these days, there are still studies being conducted about the numerous functions of HGH that are not yet discovered.

Tip #2: Learn About Its Advantages and Disadvantages

HGH helps in intensifying vigor as well as the complete muscle bulk aside from burning fat in a lot of weightlifters and fitness gurus. Aside from that, it can also conceal detection of steroids for athletes and weight lifters when test is performed. On the other hand, you also have to use HGH cautiously because even if it can provide lots of advantages to your body, it can also render lots of harmful side effects. Some of the disadvantages from excessive use of HGH include: acromegaly, carpal tunnel syndrome, hyperglycemia and injury to the liver.

Tip #2: Learn About the Secretion of HGH

HGH is secreted by the somatrope cells situated at the fore of the pituitary gland. This hormone is then distributed evenly throughout your entire body. Most of your human growth hormone is produced and secreted while you sleep.

Tip #3: Learn About Functions of HGH In the Body

HGH and IGF-1 interrelates with receptors on tissues all the way through the body, in fact, the majority of the main organs, even the brain, have these receptors. In this way, it is considered that misuse of artificial HGH can lead to development of a tumor in many different organ tissues.

Tip #4: Learn About Metabolizing HGH

HGH is worn-out in the liver and kidneys. In this connection, it is suggested that people using artificial HGH should schedule their dosages to imitate their body’s natural ways of metabolizing this hormone. Overdosing the quantity of HGH can lead to harmful side effects rather than expect the extra advantages you will gain from it.

These are ways on how you can learn about how HGH works. Of course, add to all these, you can learn more about how the hormone functions by making some research and asking proper authorities for help.

top rated hgh pills

HGH Booster Supplements vs HGH Injections

The intake of natural HGH supplements requires dedication and patience during at least a two-months supplementation period. The users of such supplements often don’t wish to regularly take the supplement for such a period of time and hence try to find a quicker solution to low HGH levels.

The sportsmen want to elevate HGH levels in order to more promptly achieve the maximum physical performance and build big, high-quality muscles. That’s why they decide to substitute the OTC HGH supplements with HGH injections.

The bodybuilders and athletes who want to inject HGH instead of using the non-prescription HGH supplements should know that these injections are illegal without a prescription. Also, the use of HGH injections may bring a range of health problems:

  • Breast tissue enlargement: The intake of over-the-counter HGH supplements doesn’t lead to the increase in male breast tissue while the artificial hormone injections are often followed with the enlarged breasts in men. The development of female traits is what each man would like to avoid since it may become a source of many psychological problems.
  • Numbness and tingling: The HGH supplements of natural origin ensure a stable therapeutic effect on the human body while a synthetic injectable HGH makes the users suffer from very unpleasant tingling and numbness. These sensations mainly appear in fingers and hands. When left unaddressed, they can cause the development of carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Hypoglycemia: While the all-natural HGH booster pills supply the body with essential vitamins, amino acids, and other essential natural ingredients, the injectable form of HGH may provoke a serious complication. That is, a dramatic reduction of blood sugar levels may happen. This may become one of the causes of diabetes. Also, this may pose a threat to the life of sportsmen who are the diabetes sufferers.
  • Acromegaly: This medical condition develops under the influence of injectable artificial HGH. Acromegaly means the enlargement of different body parts like feet, hands, and face while the other body parts remain of their initial size. This conditions not only makes the body look unappealing, but also contributes to constant ache in the enlarged body parts. But if you choose the cutting-edge HGH supplements from the reliable manufacturers, you will never suffer from such a disorder.

HGH Supplements and Exercising

The athletes and bodybuilders typically take various HGH supplements of natural origin in order to drive exercising performance growth. That is, the sportsmen and even non-sportsmen want to give a boost to the body fat reduction, muscle strength enhancement, recovery acceleration, and muscle-building process intensification during working out under the influence of naturally occurring HGH.
But not just the top-class natural HGH supplements stimulate the production of own HGH. It’s a scientifically proven fact that exercising itself contributes to a higher synthesis of HGH.

The moderate time-extended training is able to make the amount of HGH in the blood grow by 10 times. Also, the 10-20 minute lasting intense workouts contribute to 5-10 times growth in HGH levels.
When a particular person strenuously works out for a short period of time, the HGH concentration reaches its maximum 15-30 minutes after training. The higher workout intensity the greater HGH response an athlete may expect. The intake of the over-the-counter HGH supplements even further enhances these effects.

Also, when the supplementation of high-class HGH supplements combined with endurance training makes the pulsate release of HGH substantially raise. The HGH amplitude goes upward as well. But furious and fast exercising has to exceed the aerobic threshold.

HGH Pills in Sport

If you think of replacing the all-natural HGH supplements with artificial human growth hormone, you should realize that the use of this hormone for sports purposes is forbidden. This hormone is included to the prohibited list within the category of Anabolic Agents specified by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). It means that synthetic HGH is absolutely banned for the use in sport for all athletes such as masters-level, junior, and elite athletes. That’s why you can’t administer artificial HGH if you are a professional athlete. Otherwise, you will be strictly punished and disqualified. So, it’s highly advisable to use the OTC HGH pills instead of running the risk of destroying your sports reputation and career.

It’s anyway better to take the advanced HGH supplements of natural origin. But even if you suffer from a medical condition which requires the intake of prescribed HGH, you can participate in sports competitions and at the same time administer synthetic hormone only in case of the approval from Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE).

Somatropin vs Natural HGH Supplements

The natural HGH supplements are the healthies method to enhance physical performance crucial for the sports success as well as to safely resist to signs of aging. Such HGH supplements save people’s health and help avoid the necessity to use any too strong chemicals for reaching sports goals.

But since many sportsmen hurry up to become the owners of powerful and ripped muscles while other people aspire to quickly decelerate the aging process, these people replace HGH supplements of natural origin with Somatropin.

As opposed to the HGH supplements, Somatropin is not a supplement but human growth hormone itself. Somatropin is an artificial version of natural HGH, which is irreplaceable for the development of bones and muscle mass.

While the all-natural HGH supplements can be freely used by the adults, Somatropin is primarily prescribed to children to overcome growth issues. However, the adults can also take Somatropin HGH pills as a hormone drug for the treatment of some serious medical conditions. They are as follows:

  • Growth failure which is an outcome of chronic renal failure
  • Adult human growth hormone deficiency
  • Noonan syndrome
  • Turner syndrome
  • Prader-Willi syndrome
  • Short bowel syndrome
  • Cachexia
  • Idiopathic short stature
  • Prevention of AIDS-induced severe body weight reduction

So, while the OTC HGH supplements don’t belong to any medications and can be taken by anyone at any time, Somatropin has to be used only when prescribed by the doctor. The artificial form of HGH is in the list of controlled substances. The Food and Drug Administration regulates the intake of this medication. That’s why Somatropin can’t be applied for the athletic purposes under any circumstances. It is taken for the strictly determined medical purposes only. At the same time, the HGH supplements are specifically designed for people with athletic goals.

Also, the supplementation with the all-natural HGH supplements is not fraught with any side effects. There are no contraindications to the use of the natural clinically backed HGH supplements. At the same time, those sportsmen who want to obtain Somatropin for sports use even despite the ban should know about serious risks. Thus, as opposed to the over-the-counter HGH supplements, Somatropin is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • Complications associated with trauma, injury, and surgery
  • Lung failure complications
  • Diabetes
  • Sleep apnea
  • Pituitary gland disorder
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Prader-Willi syndrome treatment
  • Radiation treatment in the past, especially in childhood
  • Underactive thyroid
  • Scoliosis
  • Brain tumor
  • Active cancer

HGH Releaser as a Doping Substance

HGH is regarded as an ergogenic medication for more than three decades already. During all that period, diverse evidence has been repeatedly demonstrated the exponentially growing number of HGH misuse cases. The artificial HGH is very appealing to the athletes because it features very high efficacy rate, difficult to identify, can be quite harmless when dosed properly, and shouldn’t be taken as long as the HGH pills.

But when the sportsmen misuse human growth hormone, they start using high dosages of this hormone to take the maximum advantage of its anabolic effect. This effect is highly appreciated by the sportsmen who want to build huge, iron-like muscles and give a boost to muscle power and strength. However, synthetic HGH is forbidden as a doping agent, while the use of natural HGH supplements is not limited. By the way, the non-prescription HGH booster supplements have the same effects but without the negative aspects associated with the use of artificial HGH.

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