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Testosterone is THE important male hormone, it governs so much of our daily lives, health and well being, responsible for our muscle growth, sex drive and performance, our moods and even our levels of body fat.

Bodybuilders And Athletes

This is the reason why so many men across the world turn to natural testosterone supplementation.. in the younger man, in particular keen gym goers, body builders and athletes, boosting your testosterone with a good natural supplement will help to boost muscle mass and strength, improve energy and focus and helping to keep body fat under control.

For Men Over 30

For men aged over 30, depleting testosterone is a natural occurrence, and with this reduction which starts at the age of 30 and decreases by around 1-2% a year.. the results of this reduction can be far reaching with the man suffering the effects that can include:
• Increased Body Fat
• Lack Of Energy
• Reduced Sex Drive
• Poor Muscle Tone And Strength
• Poor Sleep Quality
This condition, known as hypogonadism can be treated by your doctor, they usually prescribe a drug based treatment known as TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy).. while this can be effective for some men, the media has been full of reports of potentially dangerous side effects resulting from these treatments, in the US in particular, these have led to a massive number of lawsuits against the manufacturers who failed ( it is claimed) to tell patients and their doctors about the potential dangers surrounding these treatments.

For this reason, we do suggest considering a natural testosterone boosting supplement, these have been shown to be as equally effective as prescription treatments, but because they help your body make more of your own natural hormone instead of introducing synthetic or foreign testosterone are far less likely to cause any harmful problems…

TestoGen – Best Testosterone Booster

best testosterone booster 2019TestoGen is not your average testosterone supplement as it actually comes in the form of a powder that is mixed into a liquid and consumed as a beverage, making it a seemingly more convenient choice than many on the market today.

It is indeed marketed mostly towards bodybuilders and athletes but also packs many of the same anti-aging results as other products on the market such as an increased amount of energy, more muscle mass and a decrease in body fat as well as a few other promising attributes.

TestoGen is also formulated by a fairly reputable brand Fountain Of Youth and can be found online through a number of professional body building supplement sites. However, whether or not TestoGen is the right product for you is still up in the air, let’s take a closer look inside the formula to find out.

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Testosterone Boosters: What Is Inside?

The all-natural ingredients in the product formula are as follows:

  • Magnesium. It belongs to essential minerals without which any human nutrition will be poor and testosterone will not be produced properly. The study indicated that one-month magnesium supplementation, which implied the consumption of 750 mg of this mineral on a daily basis, has lead to the elevation of testosterone levels by 26%. Magnesium intake also increases the quality of sleep, which is crucial for the trouble-free testosterone synthesis. According to the studies, the majority of adults have magnesium deficiency. That’s why each testosterone booster pill contains a sufficient dose of magnesium to conquer this deficiency.
  • Boron. It’s a trace element crucial for good health. It’s available in some fruits and vegetables. The researches gave evidence that even low doses of boron are able to substantially stimulate testosterone production. According to the study, the men who consumed only 10 mg of this element weekly managed to boost free testosterone levels by 28% and suppress estrogen production. One more study which involved bodybuilders has demonstrated that the 7-week boron supplementation was enough to considerably raise testosterone levels. The participants from a placebo group didn’t get such results.
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  • Vitamin D. The scientists found out that the men with high vitamin D levels also have high testosterone levels. The situation was quhite the opposite in men who lacked vitamin D. So, it’s worth consuming enough vitamin D to maintain normal testosterone levels. In testosterone booster, you will find cholecalciferol which is a form of vitamin D. It elevates free testosterone levels and doesn’t allow testosterone to turn into estrogen. Vitamin D effects are enhanced by the action of vitamin K, magnesium, and boron, which are also present in testosterone booster.
  • Vitamin K1. This vitamin is irreplaceable for keeping bones strong. However, its major function in TestoGen is to facilitate and accelerate vitamin D absorption. So, vitamin K1 makes the product formula more potent, helping you enjoy the advantages of high testosterone.
  • Nettle Leaf Extract. The extract derived from nettle leaf has a great potential to raise free testosterone levels. The matter is that this extract doesn’t allow testosterone to be bound to a specific protein known under the name of SHGB. If testosterone molecules are attached to this protein, they become useless. And your body will not be able to benefit from testosterone.
  • D-Aspartic Acid. It’s an important amino acid which participates in the synthesis of hormones. And luteinizing hormone is not an exception. This hormone activates testosterone secretion and, therefore, contributes to the muscle mass development and the enhancement of power and endurance. It’s also beneficial for male sex drive. The dose of d-aspartic acid in TestoGen exceeds all the existing offers on the market.
  • Fenugreek Extract. This herb has seeds which can boost testosterone production and increase sexual testosterone booster. It enhances insulin release. This results in the possibility to build more muscle. It also has antioxidative effect which protects the body against dangerous free radicals. This ingredient will bring your strength and stamina to a higher level.
  • Vitamin B6. A countless number of the body functions depend on the amount of vitamin B6 which comes to your body. And testosterone synthesis is among these functions. According to the studies, the lack of vitamin B is associated with the lack of testosterone and the high abundance of estrogen. Also, this vitamin can regulate the energy levels in the body. Thus, testosterone booster contains vitamin B6 to give you a chance to feel more energized, forget about anxiety, and, of course, promote better testosterone synthesis.
  • Red Ginseng Extract. It’s probably the most famous aphrodisiac plant ever. People always used it to stimulate sex drive. The extract derived from this plant safeguards the testes from the harmful impact of dioxins and helps men attain firm erections. Being included to TestoGen, this extract gives you an opportunity to improve and maintain your physical and mental well-being.
  • Zinc. This micronutrient directly participates in the synthesis of testosterone molecules and can increase libido. It’s also very important for the male reproductive system.
  • Bioperine. Black pepper is a source Bioperine which substantially enhances the effects of all other ingredients present in TestoGen. This ingredient works by making your body absorb the other ingredients better. It means that you will finally achieve much greater results.

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What Are the Testosterone Boosters?

Testosterone boosters are the natural products, typically in the pill form, intended for the men with insufficient testosterone levels. The customers use the natural testosterone supplements to increase the levels of the key male hormone responsible for the entire bundle of the male inner and outer traits and characteristics. The overall physical and athletic performance especially depends on the concentration of testosterone in the men’s blood. That’s why the all-natural boosters of testosterone production are the most popular among all kinds of athletes who need more testosterone for muscle gain.
Since the hormone-enhancing supplements are natural, they are not classified as controlled drugs. They actually don’t belong to any drugs. And you shouldn’t have a prescription in order to purchase and use the testosterone pills of natural origin. The sportsmen often take such remedies as a safe and legal alternative to steroids and synthetic testosterone itself.
Most often, the men deal with herbal testosterone boosters. It means that these natural remedies are mainly comprised of the herbal extracts. For this purpose, the manufacturers use the variety of herbs with a clinically-backed ability to activate testosterone synthesis in men. In addition, the boosters contain many vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other natural substances.

Do Testosterone Boosters Work?

If you attentively consider testosterone review and feedback related to the use of hormone boosters, you will see that there is really much positive experience. This experience indicates that the well-acting hormone-stimulating pills of natural origin exist.
These over the counter testosterone supplements are filled with the clinically-supported natural active substances. And the plausible evidence tells that these active substances really perform the expected functions making testosterone naturally raise.
But when you are trying to find the boosters of testosterone that work, you should understand one thing. That is, these natural pills don’t deliver the ready-to-use testosterone to your body. They only work by helping your body synthesize own testosterone.
You should also realize that the degree to which the testosterone pills for men work also differs in different men. That’s because there is no remedy able to work equally good for each man without an exception.
So, you should set realistic goals when choosing all natural testosterone boosters if you don’t want to be disappointed after the supplementation.

Are Testosterone Boosters Safe?

herbal testosterone booster side effectsNowadays, there is no shortage of the supplements for increasing testosterone on the market. When properly chosen, these remedies can effectively improve unsatisfactory testosterone status.
But the first thing you should take care of when selecting the natural pills for testosterone secretion is actually safety of these pills. To ensure the high safety level, you should purchase the supplements from the well-reputed manufacturers.
The reliable manufacturers appreciate their customers. They will never put their customers in danger. The honest manufacturers of male testosterone supplements apply the best innovations in testosterone supplementation realm for manufacturing their products. These products also comply with the existing safety standards. By purchasing such supplements, you can be sure that the remedies you choose are completely harmless. They will not be able to negatively affect your health.

Advantages of Testosterone Boosters

The best testosterone boosters have a very favorable influence on the men’s bodies. Testosterone benefits which these boosters provide are extremely desirable for each man who decides to take such natural pills. It’s possible to distinguish the following advantages of supplementation:

  • Lean muscle mass enlargement
  • Shorter muscle-building periods
  • Faster muscle recovery
  • Muscle strength and endurance increase
  • Fat percentage reduction
  • Sex drive enhancement
  • Sports performance boost
  • Mental abilities recharge

All these advantages are accessible absolutely legally because you can get the over the counter testosterone supplements anywhere and when you want. And your overall health and body appearance will only win as a result of the natural supplementation.

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Can Testosterone Boosters Be the Only Testosterone-Raising Option?

The men often believe that the intake of the boosters of testosterone for muscle gain is enough the real substantial growth of the muscle mass. The bad news for these men is that this belief is unsubstantiated.
The matter is that the natural remedies used for the restoration of testosterone balance are an auxiliary tool in the battle against low testosterone. These non-artificial products do their best in order to unleash the inner potential of the man’s body to secrete own natural testosterone. But if you wish to meet that objective, you should combine the supplementation with the well thought-out weight lifting routine and the healthy nutrition plan. But the highly intense painstaking training in the gym plays the major role for the muscle mass development, strength increase, and athletic performance improvement.
So, it’s not reasonable to just use the cutting-edge testosterone boosters that work. Instead, it’s advisable to make the supplementation the part of your professionally-backed muscle-building approach. And in this case, you are sure to succeed.

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Disadvantages of Testosterone Boosters

The situation with the application of synthetic testosterone is obvious. It’s known that the administration of artificial injectable testosterone is unsafe. Thus, the severity of side effects of this testosterone-raising method varies from simply unpleasant ones such as baldness and gynecomastia to really frightening ones such as heart diseases and prostate cancer. And these are the major disadvantages of artificial testosterone.
Everything changes when you decide to take the natural testosterone boosters. These supplements are comprised of the natural components which are seemingly free of any disadvantages, including the dangerous side effects.
The only disadvantage of the natural testosterone-boosting supplements is the lack of proper FDA regulation in the sphere of production of such remedies. Since the FDA doesn’t cover the activities of the testosterone pills’ manufacturers, this gives the dishonest companies courage to cheat the customers. Such swindlers fob off the low-quality or frankly dangerous testosterone boosters. Nobody is actually insured against purchasing the counterfeit hormone-enhancing supplements with all disappointing consequences of such a purchase.
To bring this disadvantage of the natural testosterone pills to naught, you should choose such pills very carefully.

Is the Doctor’s Consultation Required?

If you are going to take the non-synthetic testosterone boosters, you typically shouldn’t visit a healthcare practitioner. The matter is that the boosters feature the 100% natural formulas. There are only herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, amino acids, and other all-natural compounds, which are not classified as the prescription ingredients. In the natural supplements, you will not also find the prohibited components. That’s why the healthcare provider’s consultation is not obligatory when it comes to the supplementation with the testosterone boosters.
However, it’s better to make responsible use of any testosterone-enhancing remedies, including the natural ones. For this reason, it wouldn’t go amiss to check your health in the medical settings to determine your current testosterone levels and state of your health. This will enable you not to miss any medical condition if you have any but don’t know about it yet. And also, your doctor may recommend you the best testosterone boosters.

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Is It Possible to Stack Testosterone Boosters?

The question of stacking testosterone boosters is interesting for many athletes, bodybuilders, and even ordinary people who are concerned with their muscle size and body shape.

When it comes to stacking, this practice is widespread for anabolic steroids and legal steroids. But each natural hormone booster available on sale already has a powerful blend of numerous natural components properly combined with each other in the necessary quantities. Each all-natural ingredient in the formula of any testosterone supplement is strictly measured to ensure you get the well-working but safe dosage. If you start stacking different boosters, the dosage balance of natural ingredients will be impeded since some ingredients may repeat in the supplements.

That’s why it’s advisable not to stack the testosterone boosters and diet pills. It’s better to undergo the entire supplementation course by using only one booster. And after the successful completion of this course, you can start using the other supplement to full enjoy its effects. If you alternate the most potent boosters, you will get the greatest gains.

Are testosterone boosters bad for you?

When it comes to the natural testosterone boosters, not the injectable form of artificial testosterone, they can’t harm your health. The matter is that such boosters provided that they are got from the trustworthy manufacturers are filled with an abundance of high-quality natural ingredients. These ingredients are thoroughly investigated and proven to be safe and effective. For this reason, these supplements can’t be bad for the users. To the contrary, the advanced testosterone-enhancing supplements really elevate testosterone levels and provide multiple health benefits to the men.

What are the side effects of taking testosterone supplements?

The men who are going to take the testosterone supplements often confuse these remedies with real testosterone of synthetic origin. The intake of artificial testosterone is really frequently fraught with numerous negative health effects. That’s because it’s a very powerful anabolic hormone. But in case of top-notch testosterone supplements, you will deal with the natural products loaded with the natural components. There is no synthetic testosterone or any other hormones in these natural pills. That’s why the supplementation with such remedies is not associated with side effects.

What is the main cause of low testosterone?

It’s actually difficult to distinguish one major cause of testosterone decline in men. That’s because there are many factors which have a great impact on the testosterone levels in men. And one of the main factors is the aging process. The matter is that the aging makes testosterone drop gradually but steadily and inevitably. This finally even leads to testosterone deficiency. There are also many diseases which can provoke severe decrease in testosterone levels, causing even hormone deprivation. They include chronic liver and kidney disorders, type 2 diabetes, pituitary gland disorders.

Can I buy testosterone over the counter?

Testosterone is an extremely strong anabolic hormone which has a very prominent influence on the human body. It is synthesized artificially in the laboratories. The misuse of this hormone may have very unpredictable and dangerous consequences to the human health. That’s why testosterone belongs to the controlled substances. It can’t be bought freely over-the-counter whenever you wish in the United States and many other countries. This hormone may be got legally only if you receive a prescription from your doctor for the disease treatment. In all other cases, it’s illegal to use testosterone.

Should I take testosterone booster?

Testosterone boosters of natural origin from the trustworthy manufacturers are able to bring a large number of benefits to their users. They are typically filled with many botanicals, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and nutrients, which are supported with the positive results of different studies. These clinical trials have confirmed that such boosters can truly increase testosterone levels and hence help you build muscle mass, enhance muscle strength, improve athletic performance, and bring the quality of sex life to a higher level. That’s why the testosterone boosters are a worthy try.

How can I boost my testosterone fast?

You should understand that the only way to raise testosterone levels quickly is to administer artificial testosterone. But it’s a dangerous and illegal method to make your testosterone skyrocket. There is a less fast but still quite effective opportunity to urge the body synthesize more testosterone. This is the intake of top-notch natural testosterone boosters which may bring substantial results for a few months. Also, there are some tips able to aid you in the testosterone elevation. They include weightlifting exercises, adhering to a proper nutrition, and minimizing cortisol levels.

What are the 5 foods that boost testosterone?

Testosterone levels depend on what you eat to a much greater extent than you may imagine. There is a range of five foods which may naturally intensify the production of testosterone in your body. The list of the strongest testosterone-boosting foods contains ginger, oysters, pomegranates, leafy green vegetables, and fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids. If you include these foods to your daily nutrition plan and stick to it on a regular basis, you will surely elevate the concentration of testosterone in your bloodstream in an absolutely harmless and natural way without any synthetic testosterone.

How long does it take for testosterone boosters to work?

The all-natural testosterone boosters don’t contain synthetic testosterone which can work very quickly and provide incredible results. The natural supplements take some time to start demonstrating their favorable effects. The matter is that the natural ingredients such as herbal extracts, amino acids, and various nutrients found in the formulas of testosterone pills should accumulate in your body and incorporate in all the body systems before they begin acting. Usually, the users of such supplements take the greatest advantage out of the supplementation after a few months of intake.

Will testosterone boosters make you bigger?

The men, especially athletes and bodybuilders, typically take testosterone boosters in order to change their body composition and enhance their sports performance. And one of the most important gains which the users of testosterone boosters count on is the increase in muscle mass size and strength. And this is what the men really get when regularly and uninterruptedly taking these supplements. The advanced testosterone-boosting supplements contribute to the enlargement of muscle mass. The muscle power also grows. You will finally become an owner of much bigger and stronger muscles.

What is the strongest testosterone booster?

The best-working supplements currently sold on the market have one common but very distinctive feature. Thus, all of them include some very strong natural ingredients. The list of these ingredients is comprised of d-aspartic acid, vitamin D, tribulus terrestris, fenugreek, ginger, DHEA, zinc, and ashwagandha. These powerful all-natural components show a high potency when it comes to the natural activation of testosterone secretion.

Do Testosterones Boosters Really Increase Muscles?

If you are searching for the best testosterone booster for muscle gain but still wonder whether but still ask yourself whether such a remedy can truly make the muscles grow, the answer is yes.
When you take the high-quality over-the-counter supplements to increase testosterone, you do a favor to the muscle-building process in your body. Testosterone is a hormone that contributes to the upsurge in the levels of neurotransmitters, which have a great stimulatory effect on the tissue growth.
Testosterone is also engaged into the interaction with nuclear receptors available in DNA. Due to this, protein production in the body becomes possible. In addition, testosterone growth is closely related to the raise of growth hormone concentration as well.
It’s obvious that testosterone is irreplaceable for the development of muscle mass. That’s why the increase in this hormone levels due to the intake of top rated testosterone booster pills is what promotes the intensification of muscle size enlargement in a natural way.

Are Testosterone Boosters More Effective with Exercising?

The proper choice of the men’s testosterone booster supplement is very important for the achievement of the sports goals you set since the natural ingredients from such a supplement urge the human body to naturally produce own testosterone. This happens anyway because the natural components from each non-artificial top-class testosterone booster perfectly cope with their task of triggering the mechanism of restoring testosterone balance in the body without supplying the ready-made synthetic testosterone.
But it’s possible to give an additional strong boost to the action of low testosterone supplements when combining the supplementation with a well thought-out training program. This statement is not groundless. To the contrary, it is backed with the study findings as well as opinions of sports experts and coaches.
If you are still thinking how to boost testosterone naturally to the greatest possible extent, you should thoroughly consider not only the necessity of exercising itself but also exercise intensity, exercise volume, exercise type, and exercise priority. Everything matters when it comes to testosterone and sports performance.
The adequately-comprised professional training program is able to make androgen receptors much more sensitive. And the action of essential amino acids available in the natural testosterone booster considerably stimulates protein production in the body. This is how training and supplementation can substantially strengthen the influence of testosterone on the muscle-growing and athletic performance-enhancing process.
You should realize that even the male testosterone booster of even most superior quality is only the auxiliary tool when it comes to the enlargement of muscle size and improvement of muscle strength. And the primary tool here is the adherence to a sufficient resistance-training program. According to the study, sustainable strength exercising supercharges testosterone synthesis and hence helps meeting sports objectives.
So, if you want to get most out of the supplementation with the best testosterone booster, don’t delay development of a highly competent exercising plan. Your training has to be consistent. You should choose a precisely-formulated muscle-increasing exercising program able to support the effects of natural supplementation. This is how you can quite quickly become an owner of big, iron-like, and ripped muscles.

The Bottom Line On Testosterone Boosters

So, now you know something about most popular testosterone boosters. Their intake is reasonable in the middle age when you got to the peak of your fit and reached your genetic top.

In any case, keep the right dose and course duration when you take testosterone supplements. If you increase the dose or extend the course, you may get damage instead of profit.

Remember that even those supplements won’t help you if you go to gym just for abs crunches and for dumb-bell curls. It is not a magic pill. It is just a tool that helps you to recover rapidly. There will be no positive transformations without hard workouts and dietary nutrition.

You should be careful regarding your health. And before you start taking any supplements, consult your doctor. We wish all you fine muscle mass.

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