A dietary supplement that offers multi action weight loss – meaning it can help you to lose weight on several fronts.

If you have excess body fat, have trouble reducing your daily calorie consumption or simply just eat too much PhenQ can provide the solution.

PhenQ can be purchased through their Official Site.


Multi Benefit (Burns fat, suppresses appetite, blocks fat production).
Completely natural slimming ingredients.
Clinically proven to burn and block body fat.
Help eliminate stored fat.
Great customer feedback.
Helps reduce fatigue and tiredness.
60 day money back guarantee.



Availability limited to official website.
Single bottles do not ship free to some countries.


1. PhenQ Ingredients

Capsimax Powder

This powder is actually a mixture of piperine, vitamin B3, caffeine, and capsicum which altogether strike at fat in your body.

Piperine and capsicum enhance thermogenesis. Fat destruction happens more promptly.

Also, there is a consideration that piperine doesn’t allow the body to synthesize fat cells and use them for the accumulation of fat storages.

The studies have confirmed that Capsimax powder has a favorable influence on fat breakdown. As a result, body weight also drops.


Chromium Picolinate

It’s a valuable mineral that occurs naturally. It is available in whole grains, vegetables, and meat.

Chromium Picolinate is helpful for the regulation of blood sugar concentration.

Since this natural compound decreases your sugar and carb pangs, you can significantly facilitate your task of reducing body weight.

According to the study, the intake of Chromium Picolinate suppresses the feeling of hunger and helps people who suffer from depression cope with their carb cravings.



Caffeine is a frequent ingredient in numerous anti-overweight remedies of natural origin.

It plays the role of the stimulant able to give a boost to alertness, improve focus, and overcome constant tiredness.

Also, this ingredient acts as an appetite suppressant, triggers a fat-melting mechanism, and enhances thermogenesis.

When combined, these effects contribute to better efficacy of weight loss workouts because such effects bring performance to a higher level.


This ingredient is obtained from cactus. That’s why it contains much fiber, which is known as a great regulator of hunger feeling and suppressor of weight gain.

Also, Nopal contains a diversity of amino acids that are responsible for the adequate energy supply of your body.

Also, it successfully deals with such a problem as fluid retention, which often doesn’t let the body fight unwanted pounds.

When there are no extra fluids in the tissues, excessive weight easily fades away.

L-Carnitine Furmarate

This amino acid occurs naturally. Green vegetables, nuts, and red meat are rich in this compound.

Under the strong natural impact of L-Carnitine, the body effectively uses the accumulated fat deposits as a source of energy.

Due to this, your body gets a harmless chance to free up from fat in the unwanted places and reveal its slenderness, simultaneously receiving enough energy.

2. How Much Does PhenQ Cost?

The PhenQ price varies, depending on the option you select.

1 box – $69.95
3 boxes $139.90
5 boxes – $189.95

3. PhenQ Pros and Cons?


  • Contains ingredients supported by research
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • One of the most potent natural formula on the market


  • Potential side effects from ingredients



If you want a weight loss pill that is both natural and fast working then it’s pretty hard to look beyond PhenQ. It is priced right and the customer service department is responsive should you need to contact them.

PhenQ is made in FDA registered facilities and offer a real solution your weight loss issues or your money back. Buy 3 and Get 2 Free from the official website


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