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As specialists in adult care, internists have the skills and knowledge necessary to help you deal with a wide range of illnesses and health care issues. While there is no substitute for one-on-one consultation with your internist, the information on this site will provide you with some background information about common health care topics.

By using the “Disease Topics” menu to the right, you’ll find clear, basic information written specifically for patients, with links to patient summaries of clinical articles when appropriate. Or, find information about a variety of health care topics through the links below or on the Downloadable Patient Information page.

Brochures about diseases and
other health concerns, written in easy-to-understand language.
Learn about warning signs, risk factors, and treatment and management details.

Monthly video news stories about important medical and health issues, featuring new research from Annals of Internal Medicine, clinical guidelines, healthcare advocacy issues and other topics.

If you need information on a topic not covered, use the form below to search Medlineplus, the world’s largest library of information on medical and health conditions, diseases, and prescription drugs. It’s a free service from the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

This section not only provides the key information concerning the types of headache, menopause symptoms, depression treatment, sleep apnea health effects, hypothyroidism diet, osteoporosis causes, and many other useful information. It gives people who suspect the development of any disease in themselves or their loved ones an opportunity to have a better idea of what is going on. The matter is that the information here is stated for the ordinary people, not for the medical experts.

Also, “Disease Topics” are structured in a way, allowing the users to get an access to the briefest information on a particular topic; that is, a disease. It means it provides a snapshot of a certain disease’s peculiarities and preventive measures as well as generally understand what to expect from any given medical condition regardless of the medicine field, which the disease is related to.

By regularly navigating this section of the site, you are sure to be thoroughly enlightened on a health subject you are currently interested in. But at the same time, you should realize that the comprehensive information on different diseases available here is published here only for acquaintance. It should never be used for the medical purposes.

And of course, you shouldn’t apply the knowledge you get here for diagnosing and treating any disease by yourself. In any situation, even if you think you have any disease based on the information here, you must schedule the doctor’s appointment and entrust your health to the highly qualified medical expert, typically an internist.

As it was mentioned, the internists provide the medical care to adults only. The majority of internists start practicing their medical activities after completing the basic internal medicine training. The general internists are engaged in the fulfilment of numerous health-related tasks, starting from the recommendation of safe natural over the counter diet pills for the effective body weight reduction and finishing with the supervision of pharmaceutical therapy applied to treat severe chronic diseases.

By the way, the elder patients are maximally willingly search for the internists’ aid since this group of patients very frequently suffers from different chronic diseases such as high cholesterol levels, hypertension, diabetes, kidney disorders, heart disease, COPD, endocrine diseases, and blood conditions.

How Health Care Topics Are Chosen

Many people don’t know which medical conditions and health issues bother humankind most of all. People often first of all think about very severe disorders able to make a person physically disabled or even contribute to death.

However, the international statistics clearly indicates that the majority of fatal diseases don’t cause worldwide deaths as frequently as the medical conditions which develop slowly and step by step afflict people in the long run. Thus, it’s calculated that more than 60% worldwide deaths per year happens exactly because of diseases which are not considered deadly.

Many of the medical conditions which commonly affect the people’s health throughout the world can be prevented to lesser or greater extent. The information on this website gives the indication of the diseases and different health issues which have long become a social scourge and make millions people from around the world constantly suffering. Some of these diseases may pose a real threat to the people’s health while the others drastically worsen the quality of people’s life and relationship with family and community.

When you get look at the topics from “Disease topics”, you will be able not only detect possible health problems timely. You will be able to estimate possible health risks and reduce these risks by taking appropriate preventive measures before the disease seriously afflicts you.

Professional Health Care Recommendations

The sections on this website contain not just the relevant and up-to-date information concerning the medical conditions which affect people with high frequency rate throughout the world. By browsing this website, you are going to familiarize yourself with the most exhaustive information concerning the natural supplementation which can positively change the quality of people’s life and improve the overall health.

Overweight and obesity are the extremely challenging issues which touch on millions peoples all over the globe. These conditions require a multi-faceted approach to the treatment and prevention. Here you can find not just the insights into what overweight and obesity is and how they develop. Also, you can start better understanding what leads to obesity development and how to prevent this condition.

In addition, you have an opportunity to get to know which the most innovative novices in the sphere of anti-overweight supplementation. People with excessive weight can take the medically approved natural fat burners, appetite suppressants, and other dietary remedies from the most trusted manufacturers. You can check the range of recommended natural diet pills and make own decision concerning the supplementation.

Sports activities which imply the intake of over-the-counter testosterone boosters and other natural sports pills is an important part of healthy lifestyle.

The intake of HGH supplements and other similar products helps people successfully manage the existing chronic diseases and prevent the occurrence of new medical conditions when combined with the formation of healthy habits and lifestyle amendments. Sports medicine doctors especially care about the access of both sportsmen and non-sportsmen to the high-quality natural supplements. If you navigate the sections of this website, you will keep abreast of launching to the market the latest and most effective health-supporting supplements.

Monitoring the topics from “Disease topics”, you can find the information with regard to the compatibility of disease management with supplementation.

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